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sprintersprint‧er /ˈsprɪntə $ -ər/ noun [countable]  DSOsomeone who runs in fast races over short distances
Examples from the Corpus
sprinterYou are pitting the stamina of a sprinter against the rigours of a cross-country race.There was Dave Snyder, a sprinter and halfback of true quality.In full stride in the 400 meters, his head is arched back, his step shorter than the classic sprinter.I learned more about coaching sprinters by reading this book than I have in the past 30 years in the sport.Even with recent improvements, the air could keep sprinters and long-distance runners wheezing through their events.Roberts excels on sprinters and the filly is well drawn.Six sharp sprinters meet in the $ 100,000 El Conejo today.
SprinterSprint‧er /ˈsprɪntə $ -ər/ noun  a type of fast train used for fairly short rail journeys in the UK
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