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spritesprite /spraɪt/ noun [countable]  RFa fairy(1)
Examples from the Corpus
spriteHe reaches the ball a step ahead of an agile sprite named Molly, whose ponytail flows behind her baseball cap.Stark Nude had been an angelic sprite of a girl who in my mind will for ever be 6 and eating jelly beans.In places, the shadows seemed oppressively dark, sinister hiding-places where some demon or evil sprite might lurk.Glastyn Also known as Glashtyn, a field sprite who frequents farmhouses on the Isle of Man.A spiteful sprite, a malevolent kelpie.The controls are very difficult to master, especially on Level 5 where exaggerated momentum makes the sprites virtually uncontrollable.The sprites are small and terribly blobby with poor colouring, virtually no animation.He is, however, not a trustworthy sprite, and delights in practical jokes of a bizarre and sometimes gruesome nature.
SpriteSprite trademark  a type of sweet, clear, carbonated drink that has a lemon and lime taste
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