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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsquarishsquar‧ish /ˈskweərɪʃ $ ˈskwer-/ adjective  SQUAREshaped almost like a square
Examples from the Corpus
squarishThe Staff Room had a squarish bay-window which looked out on the grass where we played.He assured me that they would clip together and three or four would make a squarish circle around my waist.The afternoon light was in her squarish face.As far as possible the enclosure commissioners formed square or squarish fields.A low, squarish object covered by a dust sheet caught his eye and he cautiously headed towards it.Its long, low-slung body with squarish sides is a throwback to the Lincoln Continentals of the 1960s.The squarish wings, as opposed to the swept, triangular variety, suggests A-10s or 37 fighter-trainers.The lights were located on the undersides of squarish wings, Mitch says.
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