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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsquashedsquashed /skwɒʃt $ skwɑːʃt, skwɒːʃt/ adjective  1 SQUASHbroken or made flat by being pressed hard squashed tomatoes2 [not before noun] in a space that is too small I was squashed between Jan and Dave in the back seat.
Examples from the Corpus
squashedWe can't give her those chocolates - they're all squashed.Gentle and intelligent pedestrians began to get squashed.The ground crew can now work to refuel, clean the squashed bugs off the bubble and put the aircraft to bed.Neither shows it, but the squashed chairs and the scored benches tell the story.He held out a squashed packet of cigarettes and offered me one.In the back pocket of his jeans he could feel the rather squashed packet of cigarettes.a squashed soda canThe stain looked like a squashed tropical insect.It is a handbook of squashed wildlife.MacLane was still on the running board, his arm wedged into the squashed wreck of the car.
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