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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsquattersquat‧ter /ˈskwɒtə $ ˈskwɑːtər/ noun [countable]  HOME#someone who lives in an empty building or on a piece of land without permission and without paying rent
Examples from the Corpus
squatterPolice have removed over 50 squatters from the housing estate.Squatters insist that without their work, the buildings would have deteriorated to the point of being unusable.Armed clashes between farmers and squatters that led to deaths could provide the pretext.The living conditions of many of these migrants in illegal squatter settlements is often precarious.State officials claim to have identified at least 10 leaders among the squatters whom they plan to prosecute.The alleged leader of that invasion, Gerardo Montoya Obeso, was imprisoned -- but the squatters remained.Once on the land at Santa Rosa, the squatters grew corn and beans to feed themselves.He said it would redistribute the land to the squatters and other poor black people.The squatters contend that all the housing being developed is too expensive.
From Longman Business Dictionarysquattersquat‧ter /ˈskwɒtəˈskwɑːtər/ noun [countable]1PROPERTYsomeone who lives in an empty building without permission or without paying rent2LAW someone who lives on unowned land without permission and without paying rent, but has legal rights over it and may in some cases become its ownersquatters’ rights over municipal land
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