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squeaky clean

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsqueaky cleansqueaky cleaninformal a) GOOD/MORALnever having done anything morally wrong politicians who are less than squeaky clean b) CLEANcompletely clean squeaky clean hair squeaky
Examples from the Corpus
squeaky cleanThis kind of possibility is a new experience for a city where the police department has always been viewed as squeaky clean.Verily, Jacob's Mouse are squeaky clean.The floor is squeaky clean.It's juice running down chins, fingers instead of forks, plates licked squeaky clean and belts loosened around waists.Not just as squeaky clean, boring Ewan Famber but as a man.How squeaky clean can I get?Within minutes, Tamika, squeaky clean for the first time in days, is proudly pulling the clothing on.He's a squeaky clean kid -- doesn't smoke, drink, or do drugs or anything.a squeaky clean kitchenJohn has a squeaky clean reputation.The beginning of the main strip in Shelbyville is a squeaky clean residential area.Equally, all customers are not squeaky clean, so there's quite often a story to be told from both sides.
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