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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsquiresquire /skwaɪə $ skwaɪr/ noun  1 HIGH POSITION OR RANK[countable] the man who in the past owned most of the land around a country village in England2 AMHIGH POSITION OR RANK[countable] a young man in the Middle Ages who learned how to be a knight by serving one3 British English old-fashioned spokenTALK TO somebodyMAN used by some men to address a man when they do not know his name
Examples from the Corpus
squireDu Cann's fundamental problem has been that he wanted to be seen as cross between a Tory grandee and country squire.Anglican priests once enjoyed the status of country squires.Joyce lay dead, shot through the head; and the squire was half-carrying the wounded captain.After dinner, the squire and the doctor sat by the captain's side and talked.They climbed over the fence like monkeys while the squire and Gray fired at them.
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