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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsquishysquish‧y /ˈskwɪʃi/ adjective  SOFTsoft and easy to press squishy mudsee thesaurus at soft
Examples from the Corpus
squishyThe ground was soft and squishy, and she felt mud oozing over the top of her shoes.Tofu by texture is what jellyfish are made of, all soft and squishy and unearthly.She touched some of it with her foot: it was soft and squishy, but not too soggy.She decided not to eat any more of the long squishy, chocolate-coated tube she had ordered.a squishy jellyfishThey cease to be living, breathing people and become squishy little game pieces.Soldiers demonstrated military toys like cameras to aim rifles and squishy nonlethal projectiles.a squishy red ballHis face is transformed as he sticks his fist into imaginary roasters and grabs for gizzards, pulls out the squishy stuff.
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