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Ignatius of Loyola, St

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishIgnatius of Loyola, StSt Ignatius of LoyolaIg‧nat‧i‧us of Loy‧o‧la, St /ɪɡˌneɪʃəs əv lɔɪˈəʊlə/ (also St Ignatius Loyola) 🔊 🔊 (1491–1556) a Spanish priest who started the jesuitorder (=a Roman Catholic group of missionary priests, which is also called the society of jesus) see also Francis Xavier, StLoyola, St Ignatius (of)St Ignatius (of) LoyolaLoyola, St Ignatius (of) 🔊 🔊 see Ignatius of Loyola, St
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