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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstabbingstab‧bing1 /ˈstæbɪŋ/ adjective [only before noun]  PAINa stabbing pain is sharp and sudden
Examples from the Corpus
stabbingThere was no time to raise it and draw back for a stabbing blow.Another piercing roar, and the stabbing pain of a Darkfall strike.Killed by a stranger: Student admits stabbing tutor.
Related topics: Crime
stabbingstabbing2 noun [countable]  SCCINJUREa crime in which someone is stabbed a fatal stabbing
Examples from the Corpus
stabbingA stabbing brought in the police one night.They are the victims of auto accidents, industrial accidents, falls from cliffs, fires, fights, stabbings, shootings.Some knives have sharp edges for slashing, others have points for stabbing, and some can do both.In 1985, at a court in Birmingham, a similar stabbing happened and procedures were stepped up.The stabbings occurred just one night after two homeless men were stabbed several times while they slept only a few blocks away.Recourse to stabbing is at least potentially more open to abuse.
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