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stabilizersta‧bil‧iz‧er (also stabiliser British English) /ˈsteɪbəlaɪzə $ -ər/ noun [countable]  1 HCa chemical that helps something such as a food to stay in the same state, for example to prevent it from separating into different liquids2 TTa piece of equipment that helps make something such as a plane or ship steady3 [usually plural] British English one of a pair of small wheels that are fastened to the back wheel of a child’s bicycle to prevent it from falling over
Examples from the Corpus
stabilizerThe complete normal and emergency stabilizer trim systems operated normally when functionally checked on the aircraft after the accident.Examination of the aircraft revealed the horizontal stabilizer was in the full travel nose-down position and beyond the micro switch stop.
From Longman Business Dictionarystabilizersta‧bil‧iz‧er /ˈsteɪbəlaɪzə-ər/ (also stabiliser British English) noun [countable usually plural]ECONOMICS one of the ways in which a government tries to prevent large movements in the level of employment, incomes, prices, and production, for example by controlling interest rates, income tax, and government spendingTaxes and public spending act as automatic stabilisers in modern economies.
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