2 verb
1 also stack up [intransitive and transitive] to make things into a neat pile, or to form a neat pile:
The assistants price the items and stack them on the shelves.
a stacking hi-fi system
2 [transitive usually passive] to put neat piles of things on something:
He went back to stacking the shelves.
be stacked with something
The floor was stacked with boxes.

the odds/cards are stacked against somebody

used to say that someone is unlikely to be successful

stack the cards

British English stack the deck American English informalDGC to arrange cards dishonestly in a game

stack up

phrasal verb

stack something ↔ up

to make things into a neat pile
2 informal used to talk about how good something is compared with something else
stack up against
Parents want to know how their kids' schools stack up against others.
3 if a number of things stack up, they gradually collect or get stuck in one place:
Traffic stacked up behind the bus.

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