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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstaggeredstag‧gered /ˈstæɡəd $ -ərd/ adjective [not before noun]  extremely surprised syn amazed I was absolutely staggered when I saw the bill.staggered at/by She was staggered by the directness of his question.see thesaurus at surprised
Examples from the Corpus
staggered at/byEven the Kiwis were staggered by his bravery in going for the ball on the floor.The engineers are staggered at how well preserved the brickwork is.I was totally staggered at receiving the letter and sat down and stared at it.Stanford is looking worn down and reminding folks that they staggered at the finish line last year, too.People are staggered by the sheer wealth of the world revealed by the snapshots.But they were staggered by the size of the haul when officers raided 30 homes yesterday.Needless to say I was staggered at this result.
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