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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstagnantstag‧nant /ˈstæɡnənt/ adjective  1 NOT MOVINGstagnant water or air does not move or flow and often smells bad a stagnant pond2 PROGRESS#not changing or making progress, and continuing to be in a bad condition a government plan to revive the stagnant economy
Examples from the Corpus
stagnantTicket sales have been stagnant.A hundred shirtless men worked, sweating, in practiced synchronization in the hot, stagnant air of the clearing.By contrast, people who become stagnant at midlife dry out and shrink like prunes.Everyone knows it's a stagnant market.We'd pick coffee from October to January, but January is called the stagnant month.He detected the faint smell of blood just before the familiar but oddly stagnant odor of Jinju came rushing toward him.The moss grows in stagnant pools of water.The country's musical artificiality and stagnant stupidity drably undermines the development of its youth.Gao Ma knew that the lane beyond the southern wall dead-ended at a noodle mill alongside a ditch of putrid stagnant water.The road peters out in a mass of marshy grass and stagnant water.
From Longman Business Dictionarystagnantstag‧nant /ˈstægnənt/ adjective not changing, developing, or making progressIndustrial output has remained stagnant.Corporate profits are slumping (=falling suddenly) because of a stagnant domestic economy.
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