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stainless steel

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstainless steelˌstainless ˈsteel noun [uncountable]  HCMa type of steel that does not rust stainless steel cutlery
Examples from the Corpus
stainless steelstainless steel tablesOne wall of the cell is a flexible stainless steel diaphragm connected through a strain gauge to a recorder.Before making the welfare address, Dole toured a local plant that manufactures stainless steel tanks and employs several former welfare beneficiaries.Once the acidity is right, huge, mechanical, stainless steel forks are switched on to cut the curd into large chunks.The M asteroids are about 99 percent metal with the composition of a natural stainless steel.On the exhaust side, stainless steel piping was run to a large lorry exhaust on one mudguard.Oven-to-table Maitred'hotel is a range of oven-to-tableware in solid stainless steel with gold-plated handles.They also say the 25-ton stainless steel casks used at some plants to stored cooled material above ground are too expensive.
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