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stairstair /steΙ™ $ ster/ ●●● S2 W3 noun πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 β†’ stairs2 [countable]DHHTBB one of the steps in a set of stairs πŸ”Š Lucy sat down on the bottom stair.3 [singular] literaryDHHTBB a staircase4 β†’ below stairs
Examples from the Corpus
stairβ€’ The original idea was that the library would be symmetrical with the entrance and stairs in the centre.β€’ Every flush meant carrying a bucket of water up three flights of stairs.β€’ The second stair creaks when you step on it.β€’ Would it be best to accept another cup of tea before trying to climb the stairs?β€’ As I climbed the stairs I wondered if I could handle the present situation calmly and tactfully even a bit subserviently.β€’ They carried her up and down the stairs, sang her songs.β€’ Friends will call, thundering up and down the stairs.β€’ I can hear him on the stairs.β€’ Her head pounding, she took the stairs to the second floor two at a time.β€’ I heard footsteps coming up the stair.
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