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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstairsstairs[plural]DHHTBB a set of steps built for going from one level of a building to anotherupstairs, downstairsup/down the stairs Jerry ran up the stairs.the top/head of the stairs I left my briefcase at the top of the stairs.the bottom/foot of the stairs ‘Lisa, ’ he cried from the foot of the stairs. We walked up four flights of stairs (=sets of stairs). stair
Examples from the Corpus
up/down the stairsThe way moves cast, and then doubles back, labyrinth-like, to head north and up the stairs.In the gaslit passage, Joe saw the new lady lodger coming down the stairs, her hat and coat on.At five o'clock she returned to the theatre and crept up the stairs to the dressing-room.I watched the procession disappear down the stairs.Lucy was appalled by the thought of her aunt falling down the stairs and now lying in pain.Without hesitation, the sergeant swung round and hurried down the stairs as lightly as his own considerable bulk would allow.When we enter Hussy Sound I follow my fellow passengers down the stairs to the cabin below.Jerry ran up the stairs.I hopped out the door and watched the old man being taken down the stairs to the platform.
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