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stake (out) a claim

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstake (out) a claimstake (out) a claimOWNto say publicly that you think you have a right to have or own somethingstake (out) a claim to Both countries staked a claim to the islands. stake
Examples from the Corpus
stake (out) a claimIt was in her desperate kisses, the way she clutched at him, her hands roving possessively, staking out claims.He may have staked a claim for a regular place, particularly if Steven Gerrard is not fit.Weedy horrors Weeds are opportunists, quick to stake a claim for any vacant patch of ground they find.It is another chance for Beagrie to stake a claim in his helter - skelter Goodison career.Oxford blew their chance to stake a claim in the promotion race.Both countries have staked a claim to the islands.We staked claim to the two-man tents set on a steep slope in the rain forest.In the last six months, two fledgling dirt-shirt companies have staked claims to this earthy enterprise.Griffey has already staked a claim to this year's Most Valuable Player award.Others will have already staked a claim with tripods and telescopes.
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