2 verb
stake2 [transitive]
1 to risk losing something that is valuable or important to you on the result of something
stake something on somebody/something
Kevin is staking his reputation on the success of the project.
Jim staked his whole fortune on one card game.

I'd stake my life on it

spoken used when saying that you are completely sure that something is true, or that something will happen:
I'm sure that's Jesse - I'd stake my life on it.
3 also stake up to support something with stakes:
Young trees have to be staked.
4 also stake off to mark or enclose an area of ground with stakes:
A corner of the field has been staked off.

stake (out) a claim

to say publicly that you think you have a right to have or own something
stake (out) a claim to
Both countries staked a claim to the islands.

stake something ↔ out

phrasal verb
1 to watch a place secretly and continuously [↪ stakeout]:
Police officers have been staking out the warehouse for weeks.
2 to mark or control a particular area so that you can have it or use it:
We went to the show early to stake out a good spot.
3 to state your opinions about something in a way that shows how your ideas are clearly separate from other people's ideas:
Johnson staked out the differences between himself and the other candidates.

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