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stallionstal‧lion /ˈstæljən/ noun [countable]  HBAa male horse that is fully grown, especially one that is used for breedingmare
Examples from the Corpus
stallionJester was an appaloosa stallion who had a very close relationship with his owner.And to the van of them, high upon a pure-bred white Arab stallion, the Wolf of Kabul.Aged horses, especially stallions, are more like old people, and are more stressed by change than younger horses.Isolating stallions from other horses obviously plays a large part in the aggression and even viciousness some stallions display towards mares.He stood for a few moments thinking, and looking apprehensively from one stallion to the other.Rufus was a bit of a centaur himself, a big roan stallion, and she was a little cat-eyed - waif.
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