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stamensta‧men /ˈsteɪmən/ noun [countable]  technicalHBP the male part of a flower that produces pollen
Examples from the Corpus
stamenInside this gelatine umbrella, a stamen lurks, an apple core of a motor.The plants produce bisexual flowers and, unlike Sagittaria, have anthers and stamens in each flower.Exotic crimson flowers and birds poked their pistils and stamens and bills every which way up and down her torso.Grouped around the eggs are many stamens producing pollen.Rich red flowers with bright orange stamens are produced in abundance.No details of the stamens are present in the fossil state.These branch in their upper parts, and each division bears a small, round green flower head with white stamens.White flowers with yellow stamens and a fragrance reminiscent of a freshly opened packet of tea.
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