1 noun
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stamp1 S2 [countable]


also postage stamp formalTCM a small piece of paper that you buy and stick onto an envelope or package before posting it:
a 29-cent stamp
Richard collects stamps.
a second-class stamp

printed mark

TZ a tool for pressing or printing a mark or pattern onto a surface, or the mark made by this tool:
a date stamp
a passport stamp

the stamp of something

if something has the stamp of a particular quality, it clearly has that quality
The speech bore (=had) the stamp of authority.


British EnglishBBT a small piece of paper that is worth a particular amount of money and is bought and collected for something over a period of time:
television licence stamps


PET British English a piece of paper for sticking to some official papers to show that British tax has been paid

of ... stamp

formal someone with a particular kind of character:
He's clearly of a very different stamp.

with foot

an act of stamping, especially with your foot:
an angry stamp

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