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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstancestance /stɑːns $ stæns/ ●○○ noun [countable usually singular]  1 OPINIONan opinion that is stated publicly syn standstance on What is your stance on environmental issues?stance against a strong stance against abortiontake/adopt a stance The president has adopted a tough stance on terrorism.2 STANDa position in which you stand, especially when playing a sport a fighting stance
Examples from the Corpus
stanceThe stability of a stance depends upon the distribution of the body weight.His head kept dipping and his wings half opening as he tried to retain his balance on his awkward stance.The council has taken a pro-growth, pro-business stance on development issues.As a result, market intelligence is limited, and has led to contradictory stances being adopted by different companies.But other community groups are taking a markedly different stance.The Dodson aunts take pride in his stance in this hour of crisis.The club's golf pro gave me some pointers on my stance and swing.The official stance is that the lottery money should be used for the arts and education.Why not love everyone instead of interacting from the opposite stance?The political stance of the paper means it is unlikely to report the affair in a balanced way.His stupid stance fills me with wild hope.Deng closely aligned himself with this stance.His tough stance on crime appeals to voters.strong stanceHaving come to power that year, she was advocating a strong stance in the face of the Soviet arms build-up.Patrick Buchanan has criticized Dole for not taking a stronger stance against abortion.The Mutawas offered the father moral support in his strong stance and showered him with accolades for his religious conviction.
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