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stanchionstan‧chion /ˈstæntʃən, ˈstɑːn- $ ˈstæn-/ noun [countable]  TBa strong upright bar used to support something
Examples from the Corpus
stanchionThe spotlight was a torch, tied to a stanchion.Was the movement strong enough to make the boat pull the iron stanchions free of the bank?Two boat-hooks around the guard-rail stanchions held them in position.Railings, stanchions, boat-davits-everything was swept clean.A small lamp was mounted on an upright stanchion near the head of each staircase.As he reached the end of the willow grove, a tottering cobblestone bridge resting on wooden stanchions appeared on his left.The media strained against the yellow stanchion that kept them corralled toward the back.One by one the journalists realized that they could slip underneath the yellow stanchions and branch out to interview genuine New Hampshirites.
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