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stand in line

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstand in linestand in lineAmerican EnglishWAIT to wait in a line of people until it is your turn to do something syn queue British English Customers stood in line for 20 minutes at the cash register. stand
Examples from the Corpus
stand in lineInstead I take another coffee, standing in line amongst some very fat people.Damned and despairing we stand in line, and behind all success, wealth and power, the henchman is there.Joshua Morris left the hall and stood in line for a cup of Gold Blend.However, you won't find them standing in line for tickets to Bird World.Wherever the vaccine was available, parents with their children stood in lines that sometimes snaked for blocks around doctors' offices.At 6 a.m. people were already standing in line to buy bread.You squeeze by several dozen other people who are standing in line to enter...Joshua Morris stood in line waiting to be searched for an offensive weapon.They resented standing in line while tellers explained money-market accounts and no-load funds to prospective investors.
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