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stand still

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstand stillstand stillCHANGE/BECOME DIFFERENT#to not change or progress at all, even though time has passed No industry can stand still. Time seems to have stood still in this lovely hotel. stand
Examples from the Corpus
stand stillSpace technology has not stood still.I seemed to be standing still.She stood still, all amazed.But, although Ashley stood still and wary, her son showed no inhibitions.Could you stand still for just a minute and listen to me?I have stood still instead of fighting on her side as I did in the basement in Lobethal.I stood still, right where I was, eavesdropping.She stood still, savouring the accumulation of days of her life behind her like beads on a string, something tangible.The law has not been standing still since Jorden v. Money.The young woman stood still, waiting and smiling: small as a child in her glimmering white silk.
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