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stand tall

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstand tallstand talla) to stand with your back straight and your head raised Stand tall with your feet comfortably apart. b) American EnglishPROUD to be proud and feel ready to deal with anything We will stand tall and fight for issues of concern to our community. stand
Examples from the Corpus
stand tallBefore such a leader, all enemies will cower, While Devi Lal stands tall.Theodora stood tall and handsome in the tiny modem hall.But there was Elder Seth, standing tall, and smiling just like her old man.Fenton stood tall and stared down the gunmen.The only Senate list on which we stand tall: Best-Dressed, .They stand tall, jut their chins out, call no one Sir and can lick any man in the house.Of the Warriors playing Sunday night, only Todd Fuller stood taller than 6-foot-9; four were guards.
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