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stand to do something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstand to do somethingstand to do somethingPROBABLYto be likely to do or have somethingstand to gain/lose/win/make What do firms think they stand to gain by merging? After the oil spill, thousands of fishermen stand to lose their livelihoods. stand
Examples from the Corpus
stand to do somethingThe guide should have made us all stand to attention and salute.Kitty probably stands to gain a couple mill.A gene in a splurge-weed cell stands to gain by promoting the reproduction of its cell.Doug Jones stands to inherit the Myers' closer role.One report suggested off-course bookmakers stood to lose as much as £100,000.He stands to make a good deal of money.Concierges also stand to make money out of sports tickets.For a while we stand to one side, then sit down in the second row of benches.There are now nine partners who stand to profit from the sale.Would you all please stand to sing hymn 106?The Senate stood to welcome the new President.
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