2 noun
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stand2 [countable]

for support

DHF a piece of furniture or equipment used to hold or support something:
a music stand
a cake stand
He adjusted the microphone stand.
coat stand/hat stand (=for hanging coats or hats on)

for selling

BBT a table or small structure used for selling or showing things [= stall British English]
a hotdog stand
an exhibition stand
The shop was crowded with display stands and boxes.
One week three magazines hit the stands (=became available to buy) with Peace Corps stories.


[usually singular] a position or opinion that you state firmly and publicly
stand on
the Republicans' conservative stand on social and environmental issues
She was accused of not taking a stand on feminism or civil rights.


a strong effort to defend yourself or to oppose something
take/make/mount a stand (against something)
We have to take a stand against racism.

the stands

[plural] also stand British EnglishDS a building where people stand or sit to watch the game at a sports ground [↪ grandstand]:
In the stands, fifty of Jess's friends and family have come to watch her last game.

the stand

SCL a witness box:
Will the next witness please take the stand (=go into the witness box)?


DSC the period of time in which two batsmen are playing together in a game of cricket, or the points that they get during this time


a place where taxis or buses stop and wait for passengers:
There's a taxi stand on Glen Road.


a group of trees of one type growing close together
stand of
a stand of eucalyptus trees

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