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Standard grade

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishStandard gradeˈStandard grade noun  1 [uncountable] (since 1986) in Scotland, the lowest level of the sce2 [countable] an examination of this standard in a particular subject, taken at around the age of 16 compare O levelStandard GradeˈStandard ˌGrade noun [countable]  a school examination in one of a range of subjects that is taken by students in Scotland, usually at the age of 16
Examples from the Corpus
Standard GradeThe course leads to the possibility of presentation at Standard Grade in S4.From 1986 it was replaced by Standard grade.As in Standard Grade, socio-economic, industrial and environmental aspects are emphasised.Sandra Chalmers provides a workable set of stimulating games which cover the content area of Standard grade courses.The computer features prominently in both the Standard Grade and Higher courses, particularly in terms of spreadsheet applications.Some of these topics have been touched on in S1 and S2 but receive a fuller treatment in the Standard Grade course.
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