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standard of living

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standard of livingˌstandard of ˈliving ●○○ noun [countable usually singular]  PEthe amount of wealth, comfort, and other things that a particular person, group, country etc has syn living standardhigh/low standard of living a nation with a high standard of living
Examples from the Corpus
standard of livingMany cross the border seeking work and a better standard of living.That great advance in the standard of living is at risk in this election.The world is becoming increasingly interdependent and an improvement in the standard of living of Southerners will be advantageous to the North.These inventories, therefore, give a sound idea of the standard of living of thousands of ordinary people.The record of capitalism over the past 200 years in transforming the standard of living of the Western world is remarkable.The standard of living is another key measure which has its origins in the same source.Their standard of living will be assessed in Chapter Seven.Conclusion Adrian probably knows lots of boys whose standard of living is lower than his own.high/low standard of livingThe professional miner seeking to achieve a higher standard of living through maximisation of earnings scarcely existed in the early sixteenth century.They've mostly enjoyed a high standard of living and voted conservative.Being rich and enjoying a high standard of living was not the goal.This means that society is increasingly experiencing a lower standard of living than would be possible without rising levels of unemployment.The opening paragraph provides the main reason - a desire for a higher standard of living.Standard of Living A significant number of elderly people have a low standard of living.But the duty was to guide the flock to heaven, not to a higher standard of living and a credit-based economy.The 6 million people of Hong Kong have an obvious stake in maintaining their high standard of living.
From Longman Business Dictionarystandard of livingˌstandard of ˈliving noun (plural standards of living) [countable usually singular]ECONOMICS the amount of wealth or comfort that a person, group, or country hasTwo incomes are generally required tomaintain a decent middle-class standard of living.New businesses have created higher-paying jobs that give millions of people a far higher standard of living.
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