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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstandstillstand‧still /ˈstændˌstɪl/ noun [singular]  NOT MOVINGa situation in which there is no movement or activity at allcome to a standstill/bring something to a standstill Strikers brought production to a standstill.at a standstill Traffic was at a standstill.
Examples from the Corpus
standstillRetailers, home sellers and transportation companies from airlines to freight haulers saw activity brought to a standstill in the blizzard.If the electric power could be cut, industry everywhere would be brought to a standstill.So many people attended his funeral in Cheltenham, that the town was brought to a standstill.When Hardin did arrive at the capital world, it was to find all normal business at an absolute standstill.Sinn Fein is excluded from peace talks that are now at a virtual standstill.And bringing an already faltering economy to its knees, transport workers brought the country to a virtual standstill in December.at a standstillShipbuilding work at the Scotstoun yard has been at a standstill for a fortnight since pay negotiations broke down.With construction at a standstill, the dam stood half-complete across the buck River in Columbia, Tennessee.Everything is at a standstill and so many people in the underground, just sitting there with nowhere to go.Meanwhile, talks aimed at ending the strike remain at a standstill.He was at a standstill for just 7.5secs and returned with his lead still intact.Hospitals were reduced to emergency cover, schools were closed, and much of industry was at a standstill.Traffic was at a standstill on the freeway.However, enormous problems remained: inflation remained high, unemployment was rising and many areas of production were at a standstill.The pressure intensified and opium sales were at a standstill by 1838 when Lin Tse-hsu was appointed imperial commissioner in Canton.
From Longman Business Dictionarystandstillstand‧still /ˈstændˌstɪl/ noun [singular] a situation in which there is no movement or activityStrikes brought production to a standstill.The negotiations are basically at a standstill.
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