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staple diet

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstaple dietstaple dieta) DFFOODthe food that you normally eatstaple diet of They live on a staple diet of rice and vegetables. b) MAINsomething that is always being produced, seen, bought etcstaple diet of television’s staple diet of soap operas and quiz shows staple
Examples from the Corpus
staple dietIt is hard and lacks nutrients and yet is the panda's staple diet.Worms are a staple diet and these have been in short supply due to the summer drought.The staple diet for most of the coral fishes should be a good dry food.Attacks on the immorality and decadence of aristocratic culture were the staple diet of purity tracts and speeches.Reindeer moss, the staple diet of the deer herds, was also said to have disappeared completely.In living-rooms throughout the country, violence, gratuitous and graphic, is often the staple diet of the video generation.They could catch and eat more of their staple diet - worms and insects - surviving in accordance with the laws of natural selection.
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