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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstarrystar‧ry /ˈstɑːri/ adjective  1 BRIGHThaving many stars a starry winter sky2 starry eyes shine brightly3 bright like a star or shaped like a star white starry flowers
Examples from the Corpus
starryShe felt as if she could float up into the starry night.On the starry nighttime side of human consciousness, myth still lives and reigns.We head back to the truck and dinner underneath a starry sky and among the cliffs of Cerro Colorado.The atmosphere inside the plane immediately became tense, five pairs of eyes scanned the starry sky, they could see nothing.I looked up at the starry sky.It was difficult to imagine her out there right now, at this instant, looking up at this same starry sky.She paused outside the villa, and looked round at the dark hills against the starry sky.
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