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start afresh/anew

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstart afresh/anewstart afresh/anewto stop doing what you are doing and begin doing it again in a better or different way She saw her new job as a chance to start afresh. start
Examples from the Corpus
start afresh/anewHe would return to such motifs again and again over the years, overworking an existing drawing or destroying and starting afresh.Sometimes, staying put is a greater act of courage than pulling up stakes and starting anew.Stark had taken me to a place where I could shed my former selves and start anew.We're going to start afresh.We had not finished the war, but had to go back to Virginia and start afresh.She moved to Texas to start anew after the divorce.Analysts think Boeing will most likely start afresh and come up with a real rival early in 2002.I wanted everything to start afresh between you and me.If nothing else, the legal clock on the case will likely start anew when it returns to the trial court.
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