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start/begin anew

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstart/begin anewstart/begin anew writtenLEAVE YOUR HOME/COUNTRYto begin a different job, start to live in a different place etc, especially after a difficult period in your life I was ready to leave everything behind and start anew in California. anew
Examples from the Corpus
start/begin anewLos Angeles was regarded as the place to begin life anew.And then silence again and the whole sequence begins anew.She was fresher now, more confident; confident enough to scrap the entire chapter and begin anew.When this landmass begins to warm up that section of the mantle, the cycle begins anew.The sun floods in, young plants shoot upwards and the struggle starts anew as the winners block light from their inferiors.The reaction would start anew, but this time with no way to remove its heat.If nothing else, the legal clock on the case will likely start anew when it returns to the trial court.We should at least be able to start anew with some element of hope.
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