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start something/anything

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstart something/anythingstart something/anythingFIGHTto begin causing trouble It looks like Jess is trying to start something. start
Examples from the Corpus
start something/anythingI figured I must be the only fool who was trying to start something.I think we have to be autocratic about officers, at first, in order to start something.It's, well, enough to get by on, but not much more, not enough to start something.When I brought you that painting, it started something.In fact, I was thinking I might try and start something along those lines as soon as I can.If you start something in there, don't expect me to back you up.Those involved were told that they should have consulted the senior branch before starting anything like that.The standard affair, nowadays, will start something like this.I myself had started something of a relationship with her just now.
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