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start‧er [countable]
1DF British English a small amount of food eaten at the start of a meal before the main part [= appetizer American English]
We had soup as a starter, followed by steak.
2DS a person, horse, car etc that is in a race when it starts:
Of the seven starters, only three finished the race.
3DS someone who gives the signal for a race to begin:
The starter fired his gun.
under starter's orders (=about to begin the race)

late starter

British English someone who begins doing something, especially a job, later in life than people generally do

for starters

spoken used to emphasize the first of a series of facts, opinions, questions etc:
Well, for starters, you'll need to fill out an application form.
6TETTC a starter motor
nonstarter, self-starterWORD FOCUS: meal WORD FOCUS: meal
meals at different times of day: breakfast, brunch, lunch, tea British English, dinner, supper

a meal outside: picnic, barbecue also barbie informal, cookout American English

when you quickly eat a little food : snack, a bite to eat

a very big meal for a lot of people: banquet, feast

parts of a meal: starter British English, appetizer American English (the first course)
main course
/entree especially AmE, side dish (eaten with the main course)
also pudding sweet British English (sweet food eaten at the end of the meal)

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