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state court

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state courtˈstate court noun [countable]  SCLa court in the US which deals with legal cases that are concerned with state laws or a state’s constitution
Examples from the Corpus
state courtSince the teacher failed to stop discussing her beliefs in school, a state court ruled that her actions were not protected.A summary of the federal and state court reporter system appears in Table 1. 1.The appeal would have to be filed within a year of exhausting state court appeals.The railroad brought suit in state court on interstate-commerce grounds and won.The lawsuit, filed Tuesday in state court in Houston, seeks unspecified damages.
From Longman Business Dictionarystate courtˈstate court [countable]LAW in the US and some other countries, a court that makes decisions about cases at a state level rather than a national levelAlthough some state courts allow cameras in courtrooms, they currently aren’t permitted in Federal Court. court
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