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state of affairs

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstate of affairsstate of affairsformalSITUATION a situationunsatisfactory/sad/sorry etc state of affairs I must say this is a very unsatisfactory state of affairs. state
Examples from the Corpus
state of affairsSuch a state of affairs provides the seller with a unique opportunity to exploit the relatively weak bargaining position of the investor.The Dubroca incident added insult to an already severely injured state of affairs.The random production might be regarded as the normal state of affairs, periodic production occurring through a rather special mechanism.Crisis has always been the normal state of affairs in our country's politics.It's a sad state of affairs when a leader can't take the time to address the true problems facing his country.I called on Labour Councillors: they agreed that the state of affairs on the site was shocking.When the state of affairs improved, Mark was promoted, but Colin was not ready.This state of affairs is not, I think, an aberration, but is inevitable in the structures of higher education.True, and that's an unfortunate state of affairs.What might the repercussions be of this unprecedented state of affairs?
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