1 noun
stateā€§ment1 S2 W1
1 [countable] something you say or write, especially publicly or officially, to let people know your intentions or opinions, or to record facts
statement on/about
the Prime Minister's recent statements on Europe
make/issue/give a statement
He refused to give a statement to the police.
In an official statement, she formally announced her resignation.
true/false statement
False statements on your tax form could land you in jail.
get/take a statement (=officially write down what someone says)
Detective Brady took a statement from both witnesses.
sworn statement (=that you officially declare to be true)
2 [countable] a record showing amounts of money paid, received, owed etc:
the company's annual financial statements
I haven't received my bank statement for last month yet.
3 [countable] something you do, make, wear etc that causes people to have a certain opinion about you:
The type of car you drive makes a statement about you.
a fashion statement
4 [uncountable] formal the act of expressing something in words:
presentation and clarity of statement

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