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static electricity

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static electricityˌstatic elecˈtricity noun [uncountable]  HPEelectricity that is not flowing in a current, but collects on the surface of an object and gives you a small electric shock
Examples from the Corpus
static electricityOne disadvantage, however, is that it acquires static electricity, causing it to pick up dirt easily.It goes without saying that you should practise safe upgrading by observing all precautions to prevent damage by static electricity.Cotton sheets breathe, absorb moisture, and create less static electricity, which gives you a more comfortable rest.Amelia's unsubtle lust for him darted out of her like static electricity.There was a crackle of static electricity.He felt spooky and luminous, felt as though he were wrapped in cool fur that was full of static electricity.When his hand touched the elevator signal it touched off the tiniest spark of static electricity.Overhead, lightning flickered frequently as the static electricity accumulating in the ash cloud discharged.
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