Date: 1500-1600
Language: French
Origin: Latin statio 'place for standing or stopping', from stare 'to stand'


1 noun
Related topics: Military, Agriculture, Buildings
sta‧tion1 S1 W1


[countable] a place where trains or buses regularly stop so that passengers can get on and off, goods can be loaded etc, or the buildings at such a place [↪ terminus]:
I want to get off at the next station.
Grand Central Station
Is there a waiting room in the station?
the city bus station

centre for a service or activity

[countable]TBB a building or place that is a centre for a particular kind of service or activity:
a police station
a fire station
petrol station British English /gas station American English (=where petrol is sold)
polling station (=where you vote in an election)
an Antarctic research station
action stations


[countable] an organization which makes television or radio broadcasts, or the building where this is done:
New York jazz station WBGO
a local TV station

social rank

[countable] old-fashioned your position in society:
Karen was definitely getting ideas above her station (=higher than her social rank).


[countable] formal a place where someone stands or sits in order to be ready to do something quickly if needed:
You're not to leave your station unless told.


[countable]TA a large sheep or cattle farm in Australia or New Zealand


[countable]PM a small military establishment:
an isolated naval station
WORD FOCUS: television WORD FOCUS: television
similar words: TV, telly BrE informal, the box BrE informal, the tube AmE informal

programmes on television: the news, soap opera, sitcom, drama series, detective series, documentary, docusoap, game show, talk show also chat show British English, made-for-TV movie, cartoon, reality TV, infomercial

a TV programme shown on the Internet: webcast

a company that broadcasts programmes: channel, station

types of television broadcasts: terrestrial British English, cable, satellite, digital, pay-per-view

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