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statuarystat‧u‧a‧ry /ˈstætʃuəri $ -tʃueri/ noun [uncountable]  formalAVS statues a fine collection of Greek statuary
Examples from the Corpus
statuaryHer face was strong, like Creek statuary, with a full mouth, rounded chin.The only visible damage over the years has been to its statuary.I gave the pompous statuary a flick of the pink feathers as I went past.Couches and armchairs as big as beds were surrounded by Graeco-Roman statuary and Oriental urns.Though they produced some statuary in Classical and Hellenistic styles they were not copyists.I came first to the Flat Garden, with its bonsai azaleas, temple statuary, and a stunning view of Portland.At eight this morning the statuary took off her face in plaister.
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