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statuestat‧ue /ˈstætʃuː/ ●●○ noun [countable]  statue.jpg AVSan image of a person or animal that is made in solid material such as stone or metal and is usually largesculpture Churchill’s statue stands outside the parliament building. A bronze statue was erected in his honour.statue of Statues of Lenin were torn down all across Eastern Europe.COLLOCATIONSADJECTIVES/NOUN + statuea marble/stone/bronze etc statuea magnificent marble statue of Frederick the Greata life-size statue (=the same size as the person or animal it shows)a life-size bronze statue of a youtha colossal statue (=very large)The north side of the building is dominated by a colossal statue of Bishop Gregory.an equestrian statue (=a statue of someone riding a horse)He presented the city with an equestrian statue of King William.verbsa statue stands somewhereHis statue now stands in the courtyard.carve/sculpt a statueSome of the statues were carved by Quitainer.put up a statue (also erect a statue formal) (=put it in a public place)They put up a statue of him in the main square.They should erect a statue to you for doing that.
Examples from the Corpus
statueWe had a Realtor call one day who said he wanted to buy 100 statues.Makeup began to whiten his lapels like droppings on a statue.The committee will try to raise $20,000 to erect a commemorative statue on City Hall's front lawn.The statue shares space with dioramas, glassed-in scenes of the Capitol in various stages of its construction.The statue slowly slithered off his body; a grating noise as it hit the floor.They got away with only two statues and left the rest.There were statues on pedestals, angels or statesmen, he couldn't tell.The Williams statue was moved anyway.statue standsOastler was a hero of the Yorkshire working classes, and his statue stands in Bradford's Rawson Square with two children.
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