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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstatussta‧tus /ˈsteɪtəs $ ˈsteɪtəs, ˈstæ-/ ●●○ S3 W2 AWL noun  1 [countable, uncountable]POSITION/RANK the official legal position or condition of a person, group, country etcstanding These documents have no legal status in Britain. What is your marital status (=are you married or not)?2 [uncountable] your social or professional rank or position, considered in relation to other peoplehigh/low status low-status jobs Doctors have traditionally enjoyed high social status.3 [uncountable] respect and importance that someone or something is given syn prestige the status given to education Mandela’s status as a world leader4 the status of somethingCOLLOCATIONSMeaning 2: your social or professional rank or position, considered in relation to other peopleadjectiveshigh statusThey were men of high status and great influence.low statusPeople who work as carers have low status in our society.higher/superior statusLandowners had superior status.lower/inferior statusIn parts of the world, women still have inferior status.exalted status formal (=very high)They looked entirely at ease with their exalted status.equal statusWorkers of equal status should be rewarded equally.social statusI lied about my family’s social status.socioeconomic status formal (=relating to your social rank and money)migrant farm workers and others of low socioeconomic statusprofessional statusHis ambition was to attain the highest professional status.verbshave high/low status (also enjoy high/low status)Here, old people are respected and have high social status.
Examples from the Corpus
statusBy accepting the prize money, Wilkerson will probably lose his amateur status.The latest mobile phones have become status symbols among teenagers.She gained celebrity status with her publication of "Mastering the Art of French Cooking."That the subject was in fact normally accorded Cinderella status mattered little to the many who objected to its being there at all.Both sides are arguing over the future status of the disputed city.Outcomes are considered the ultimate indicators of quality measuring the actual health status of the client.In the Middle Ages, priests and other religious figures had a very high status.Now that he was a bank manager, he wanted a car that would reflect his status.Many mothers feel that they have very low status in today's society.Gingrich was both passionate and adamant about what needed to be done to push the party toward majority status.In many cultures, children remain the major source of status for women.These positions were not held for his own status but to promote the cause of rowing where it needed clout.The tribe buried their dead with ornaments or tools that showed the dead person's status.But this is a result of those at the top of the hierarchy maintaining their status amongst their subordinates.Women remain severely oppressed and see their status primarily in terms of children.We are both exalted and fallen at the same time: sinful and yet given unique status in the universe of things.legal statusThe constitutional and legal status of many such rules is a matter of controversy.The change in legal status meant that the couple were deprived of that right.Whatever its legal status, considerable amounts of money have recently been spent endeavouring to maintain it.To translate this new legal status into political action would have required an organised support basis and this did not exist.Spinsters and widows enjoyed the legal status of femme sole in which they had control of their own affairs.But the overwhelming majority of black women have the legal status of children.The legal status of organisations such as these is analogous to that of a club.Neither their legal status nor their chances in education, training and employment are full or free.high/low statusDoctors have a high status based upon their profession and the perception of that profession by the public at large.And science degrees at university carry higher status.Conversely, they were punished with a lower standard of living and consequent lower status if they chose to have large ones.Which aspects of black or female cultures are or could be incorporated into high status knowledge?However, most Orc tribes also include inferior Goblins of lower status.Most churches, however, were of relatively low status.It is also quite conceivable that they could be caused inpart by stressful, low status jobs.A small part of law work, and that of a very low status, is concerned with the working class.
From Longman Business Dictionarystatussta‧tus /ˈsteɪtəsˈsteɪtəs, ˈstæ-/ noun1[countable, uncountable] the legal position or condition of a company, group, person etcWhat is the company’s financial status?status asIdeally, the top professional buyer will seek Board status as the company 's senior buyer. credit status marital status2[uncountable] your social or professional rank or position, considered in relation to other peoplehigh status businessmenlow status immigrant workers3[uncountable] respect and importance that people give to something or someoneRice-farming has a special status in Japan.4[singular] a situation at a particular time, especially in an argument, discussion etcWhat is the status of the trade talks?