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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstay-at-homeˈstay-at-ˌhome adjective [only before noun]  staying at home, rather than working somewhere else, usually in order to take care of children a stay-at-home mom
Examples from the Corpus
stay-at-homeBut at 22, can Kiefer Sutherland really be the stay-at-home family man he would have us believe?There's a stigma attached to the stay-at-home mum, as if she hasn't a brain between the ears!The Government is encouraging women back into the workforce - I think stay-at-home mums should be encouraged, too.The 16-page glossy brochure based on commercial women's weeklies contained articles on Labour's policy to help working and stay-at-home mums.What makes cognac the international high-flyer, and armagnac the spotty, stay-at-home plodder?
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