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staying power

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstaying powerˈstaying ˌpower noun [uncountable]  STRONG PERSONthe ability or energy to continue doing something difficult until it is finishedstamina a team with staying power
Examples from the Corpus
staying powerThe man had to have great financial resources and staying power to follow the Girl if she went on tour.In track, only world record-holder Wang Junxia has had staying power since smashing world records in 1993. 16.But yes, the hatred would burn, would give her the necessary staying power.No one should doubt our staying power or determination in this mission.It is hard not to admire Samaranch's staying power.This Laser team actually looks as if it has some staying power.And the technology these computers bring into the classroom has the staying power of a snowflake on your tongue.Do you have the staying power to study alone at home?
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