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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsteadfaststead‧fast /ˈstedfɑːst $ -fæst/ adjective literary  1 DETERMINEDFAITHFULfaithful and very loyal her father’s steadfast love for her2 being certain that you are right about something and refusing to change your opinion in any waysteadfast in Dr Faraday remained steadfast in his plea of innocence.steadfastly adverbsteadfastness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
steadfastHe was steadfast and articulate in support of the Equal Rights Amendment.He was a steadfast bachelor and intended to remain so.Malta's steadfast defence from 1940-43 played an important part in the course of the war.steadfast devotionGuileful and ruthless, he was a generous and steadfast friend.With his steadfast hand cupped around my shoulders, my father assured me there was nothing to fear.As a politician, you have to show resilience - the ability to remain steadfast in your beliefs.There were still tendencies towards national rivalry and arrogance, and these could only be countered by a steadfast policy of internationalism.the steadfast support of America's alliesHe has been a steadfast supporter of balanced budgets and shrinking the size of government.steadfast inLindros has been steadfast in his refusal to sell the property.
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