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steady job/work/income

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsteady job/work/incomesteady job/work/incomeCONTINUOUSa job or work that will definitely continue over a long period of time It’s hard to find a steady, well-paying job. steady
Examples from the Corpus
steady job/work/incomeSethe was laughing; he had a promise of steady work, 124 was cleared up from spirits.He appears to have given up steady work.I wish he had taken up some steady work.Maybe you are heading toward retirement and therefore need investments that can provide you with a steady income.She chooses whatever is available, probably a slightly older man with no more money but a steady job.And we receive a steady income from interest on Third World debts.A steady income stream is required to meet the costs of the syndicated lending department.The only ones with a steady income were teachers, storekeepers and local officials.
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